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HD 990
HD 990

High-performance CD player with sound that simply can’t be matched.

To most serious listeners, CD playback remains a mandatory ingredient of any home entertainment system. And as the Harman Kardon HD 990 proves, it should be. As an especially well-engineered CD player, the HD 990 possesses a full array of sophisticated sound technologies – including a high-resolution synchronization (HRS) link for jitter-free playback and Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS III) for spacious, richly detailed sound.

As both a high performer and outperformer compared to all Harman Kardon CD players before it, the HD 990 elevates the CD-listening experience – thanks in part to its two high-performance digital-to-analog converters, optimized for precision playback. It’s also quite versatile, as evidenced by its compatibility with most recordable or erasable disc formats, including CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 with ID3-tag support. Designed in part to accompany the powerful Harman Kardon 150-watt HK 990 stereo amplifier, the HD 990 can stand alone – or be a highly capable focal point of a more significant home entertainment system.

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Get in sync with an HRS link.

As a cutting-edge feature popular in more sophisticated audio equipment, the HD 990 comes with a high-resolution synchronization (HRS) link that ensures a jitter-free connection by letting your harman kardon® CD player lock itself to the external clock of the amplifier - with the highest possible precision. Similar to having CD playback inside the amplifier, the versatile HRS link carries both the system and data clocks of the amplifier, as well as the data stream from the CD player. It's also simple to set up using the supplied synchronization cable. Refined engineering for refined musical tastes - that's what keeps the HD 990 a top-of-the-line CD player that discerning audiophiles can appreciate.

Near perfect sound reproduction.

When it comes to the HD 990's engineering, its superb technical features will make a hi-fi enthusiast's heart beat faster. With a 24-bit/384kHz sample rate converter (SRC) perfectly recreating the original analog sound wave and a 24-bit resolution enhancer minimizing noise levels and intermodulation distortion (IMD), the HD 990 is an elite performer that delivers faithful, clean and realistic sound beyond your wildest expectations.

Achieve the highest possible jitter rejection.

Considering the HD 990's direct digital signal processing (DSP) mode is based on a 32-bit DSP, the HD 990 does wonders to prevent any sign of jitter. Designed to keep operational speeds running quickly while keeping distortion to a minimum, the HD 990's DSP generates the kind of sound true audiophiles expect to hear - in its cleanest and purest form.

CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 with ID3-tag support playback.

The HD 990 is built to be an avid reader. By that, we mean this all-purpose CD player can read most (finalized) recordable and erasable discs, including formats such as CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 files with ID3-tag support. By ensuring playback of multiple CD formats with the greatest of ease, the HD 990 conveniently stays compatible with your life and vast music library.

Put the artist and album title on display.

Thanks to CD text support, the HD 990 recognizes both the artist and album title from CD audio tracks, putting them on display for your eyes as a complement to your ears. By displaying embedded track data via the visual dot-matrix display, the HD 990 visually communicates with its audience to make listening not just entertaining but informative, as well. In addition, the HD 990 functions similarly for MP3 track data with ID3-tag support - recognizing the source material's origin and descriptors wherever possible.

Benefit from flexible display modes.

A one-line dot-matrix display comprises the main information display on the HD 990. It shows both the time elapsed and time remaining of the track currently playing - or the time remaining for programmed tracks. It also delivers messages and status indications to help you operate the receiver. The HD 990 also has a dimmer that lets you reduce the brightness of the information screen or switch it off completely. Yet for your convenience, the CD player's front-panel display comes set at a default brightness level that is sufficient for viewing in a normally lit room. Ultimately, these flexible features give you control over not just your CD settings, but your physical environment, as well.

Ensure smooth CD audio with RLS III.

Designed to push performance even further beyond traditional harman kardon® standards, third-generation Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS III) helps minimize interference in digital-to-analog signals with two high-grade stereo analog devices (AD) 1955 DACs. The result? Richly detailed sound and a noise level that remains in a non-audible frequency range along with a high level of jitter rejection that others simply cannot duplicate. This way, you can always experience sonic refinement and an open, natural sound stage - two benefits that should appeal to the most demanding of audiophiles.

Minimize signal disruption wherever possible.

When you're listening to audio, you want to have as little signal disruption as possible. With the HD 990's XLR inputs, you get balanced connections designed to reject both external noise (from power wiring, etc.) as well as internal crosstalk from adjacent signal cables. In addition to discriminating against noise and crosstalk, your XLR inputs will also allow 6 dB more signal level on the line - so ultimately, you'll get a higher signal-to-noise performance than before. If there's one thing we always try to make clear for you, it's music.

Great things come in twos - especially digital inputs.

With two digital-audio outputs (one coaxial and one optical), two digital audio inputs (one coaxial and one optical) and two balanced outputs with dual Diamond Class A output stages using XLR connectors, the HD 990 offers you more than a few ways to dramatically improve sound quality from external devices. These digital inputs allow for a direct connection to external digital-to-analog converters.

One remote control - for everything.

The HD 990 system allows for direct entry of discs and tracks from the remote control, while also letting you forward and reverse disc skip. Designed to help your HD 990 function with ease, the system remote control is also capable of controlling other compatible harman kardon® amplifiers, such as the HK 990 - all from one adept simple-to-use device. There's even an IR remote extension jack, so you can program your CD player - even if it happens to be in a cabinet. Then again, why would you want to hide something that looks this good in a cabinet?

Graceful, cutting-edge design.

The HD 990 may be a CD player optimized for precision playback first and foremost, but it will also look great to whoever brushes past it. Deserving of a double take, the HD 990 has an elegant, minimalist design with graceful, rounded corners, a gloss-black top panel and a dark-graphite lower panel - all accented by soft white illumination. With a unique, modern design, it's sure to stand out for more than just its performance.

HD 990
HD 990