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Multiroom Systems
One-room systems are only ideal for one-room apartments. All of our 7.1-channel AVR receivers are built with multiroom applications in mind. All include assignable rear-channel amplifiers, all offer a second-zone control system, and all but the AVR 255 include a second-zone remote control. Which means our multiroom systems are easy to set up and use. So go ahead – spread out and enjoy yourself. Your Harman Kardon entertainment system will be there for you.

Multiroom Components
Different music in different rooms. With an ABH 4000 hub, up to four different input sources and your Harman Kardon AVR, you can easily divide your house into four separate entertainment zones, in which local customs and individual musical tastes may prevail. Link in an A-BUS®-equipped remote AVR and make its tuner and The Bridge accessible from throughout the realm.
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