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QI am having difficulty operating my component using its front-panel controls. What is going on?
QMy remote control seems to function incorrectly at times. I replaced the batteries with fresh ones and checked that they were installed correctly (positive end of battery contacting positive terminal in battery compartment), and LEDs light in response to button presses. What could be the problem?
QI have an AVR 3000. I want to control my CD player with the remote control but I can't find the codes of my particular CD player, even when I look at the brand list, in the set up table of AVR 3000. Is it possible to control it?
QWhen will the DVD 50 be available in Europe?
QHow can I get hold of the catalogue for Harman Kardon's products?
QDVD 10 can read CD-RW, so why is it impossible to read CD-R when it can play CD-RW?
QWhat do I do when I have product bought in the USA and I want to use it in Europe?
QIs it possible to buy some Harman Kardon products online in Europe?
QIs it possible to upgrade my old AVR to make it play with Dolby Pro Logic II?
QWill Harman Kardon sell a minidisk player?
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