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Applying the science

Harman Kardon makes sound look beautiful through cutting edge design. From the company’s very beginnings, design has been a crucial factor shaping product development and has been led by the need for function, as well as emotion. The purity of Harman Kardon’s design principles has remained constant to this day, but has also evolved with changing trends and fashions to maintain cultural relevancy. Harman Kardon’s famous SoundSticks have been a firm fixture in the Museum of Modern Art for almost a decade.

Our facilities include two anechoic chambers – rooms which absorb all sound reflections and are completely insulated from outside noise. They help us to test the accuracy of our speaker drivers with all outside influence and interference removed from the room. We also run blind tests on all of our products, pitching our systems against those of our rivals in a heavily controlled environment and inviting trained, unbiased listeners to feedback on their performance. We don’t stop developing until our products emerge as convincing winners.

Because of the time and energy that we have invested into our scientific testing, research and development over the years, we can guarantee that every Harman Kardon product released has a weight of scientific backing behind it.