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Home Audio Systems
You walk into a cinema, buy some popcorn and enjoy the show. The process of enjoying a film should be just as straightforward at home. But without in-house technicians to handle your system’s setup and troubleshooting, can it ever be that easy? Harman Kardon’s complete home cinema systems make it easier than you may think. With a high-performance A/V receiver and DVD player combined in a single component controlled by a single remote control, and perfectly matched with complete speaker packages, Harman Kardon® systems have taken most of the complexity out of the home cinema equation – without compromising on performance.
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Home Audio Components
Maximum options, minimum controls. Harman Kardon® A/V receivers employ the industry’s most advanced technology to optimise the audio and video clarity of any entertainment source, old or new. Yet even certified technophobes will discover that they can operate them efficiently.
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Home Speakers
Let us make this simple for you. As you probably know, a 5.1-channel speaker system consists of four satellite speakers, a centre channel speaker primarily for dialogue and a powered subwoofer. So if you’re ordering a la carte, that’s four from column A, one from column B and one from column C. Simple enough. Except the centre ought to be voice-matched to the satellites, the sub shouldn’t overpower the centre of the satellites, and all six should be matched to your electronics. Suddenly, it’s not that simple any more. Unless you simply choose one from the column of Harman Kardon HKTS speaker packages.
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Multiroom Systems
One-room systems only really work for one-room apartments. All Harman Kardon 7.1-channel AVR receivers are built with multi-room applications in mind. All include assignable rear-channel amplifiers; all offer a second-zone control system. Which means Harman Kardon multi-room systems are easy to set up and use. So go ahead – put your feet up and enjoy yourself. Your Harman Kardon entertainment system will be there for you.
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