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Audio Video Receivers
Maximum options, minimum controls. Our A/V receivers employ the industry’s most advanced technology to optimise the audio and video clarity of any entertainment source, old or new. Yet even certified technophobes will discover that they can operate them efficiently.
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Stereo Receivers
Introduced 50 years ago, the Festival TA230 was the world’s first stereo receiver. Today, we are still the keepers of the audio flame with a choice of powerful stereo receivers engineered by and for people who prefer to be entertained with their eyes closed.
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Purists of the world unite. In the beginning, there were stereo components, carefully chosen one at a time and lovingly assembled into sublime, high-performance music systems. This is a market we have served from the beginning and continue to serve today. In fact, we number ourselves among our own best customers for these superb music systems.
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Digital Media Centres
It has long been our dream to create a media server that works like an entertainment device, not a computer. This ideal player would be conversant with all digital storage technologies and formats, serving as the one go-to device to finally bridge the gaping DVD/CD/music system/cell phone/camera divide. This is no longer just a dream: Behold the Harman Kardon digital media centre.
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More than 50 years ago, the first Harman Kardon product was a tuner, and we’ve been improving this ever since. The TU 980 combines the distortion-free, CD-like sound of Digital Audio Broadcasting with information-rich RDS FM, and features a bright, easily readable two-line display. You can control it with its own remote or with the remote from most Harman Kardon amplifiers. Either way, you’ll enjoy the drift-free reception for which Harman Kardon tuners are famous.
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