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Audio Systems
More than 50 years ago, Harman Kardon, developed the world’s first stereo receiver – a high-performance component combining the functions of several products that had previously only been available separately. Our mission was – and still is – to deliver high-fidelity sound in a convenient, easy-to-use package. Enter the Harman Kardon® MS 100. The MS 100 is a complete high-performance audio system. With a CD player, FM tuner, iPod docking station (iPod not included), integrated loudspeakers and auxiliary inputs for other audio products, this is a handsome, compact component that is perfect for the home or office – or almost anywhere.

Home Theatre Systems
You walk into a cinema, buy some popcorn and enjoy the show. The process of enjoying a film should be just as straightforward at home. But without in-house technicians to handle your system’s setup and troubleshooting, can it ever be that easy? Our complete home cinema systems make it easier than you may think. With a high-performance A/V receiver and DVD player combined in a single component controlled by one remote control, and perfectly matched with complete speaker packages, our systems have taken most of the complexity out of the home cinema equation – without compromising on performance.
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Stereo Systems
In 1954, Harman Kardon engineers were the first to combine a sensitive AM/FM tuner with a powerful amplifier, creating an unheard-of new component called the receiver. We’ve been crafting inherently simpler home-entertainment systems ever since. Our high-performance compact music systems make the most of any two-channel source, including your iPod.
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