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Let us make this simple for you. As you probably know, a 5.1-channel speaker system consists of four satellite speakers, a centre channel speaker primarily for dialogue and a powered subwoofer. So if you’re ordering a la carte, that’s four from column A, one from column B and one from column C. Simple enough. Except the centre ought to be voice-matched to the satellites, the sub shouldn’t overpower the centre or the satellites, and all six should be matched to your electronics. Suddenly, it’s not that simple any more. Unless you simply choose one from the column of Harman Kardon’s speaker packages.

Bookshelf Speakers
The HKTS 11BQ is the speaker package for those who hate it when people talk during films. It is a powerful 5.1-channel solution with dual midrange drivers in both the satellites and the centre channel for heightened realism, and a 200-watt-powered subwoofer for bass that isn’t one bit intimidated by all that heightened realism. But what about those talkers? We guarantee they’ll find this a tough act to compete against.
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Speaker Packages
Don’t look behind you. There’s nothing back there but your HKS 4 speakers, adding back-channel surround to HKTS 7 or HKTS 11 systems. Admittedly it can be a little spooky at first, especially if it happens to sound like an overnight delivery being made to your door, or something else that might actually be happening in real life. But you’ll learn to cope.
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