The Soundtrack
To A Subaru Life

Subaru and Harman Kardon -
Enjoy Life, Enjoy Music

  • Adventures to experience, safety for the family and a vehicle to love for a long time - that’s life the Subaru way. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and cargo-carrying versatility, Subaru makes adventures possible, no matter the day or destination. Subaru vehicles are known for long-lasting reliability. So much so, that some owners believe they'll last forever. The memories certainly will.

  • The love of music and the perfect sound are important parts of these adventures, regardless of whether you’re driving your Subaru down the High Street or the High Desert. Subarus are built tough, and so are Harman Kardon sound systems. Under any circumstance, they deliver perfect, full-bodied sound to all occupants. Powerful basses, crisp, clear highs and a three-dimensional sound that is just like being there.

  • Creating superior sound quality in a car needs close cooperation between the vehicle and audio system manufacturers, plus superior components, custom-tuned to fit the specific dimensions and unique acoustic characteristics of the vehicle’s interior. That’s why Subaru turned to Harman Kardon to develop premium sound systems for the Forester, Outback Legacy, WRX and WRX STI.

Benefits at
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*Depending on model


The Detroit Press, 2015 WRX STI “…further enhancing driving comfort, the STI Limited package comes with a Harman Kardon stereo system, so you can crank up Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” as you mercilessly descend on your prey.” Henry Payne, 2015 WRX STI Audio is taken to a new level with the introduction of an entertainment system that powers through harman kardon® speakers, subwoofer and amplifier…
CNET, 2014 Forrester The Forester Touring comes standard with an eight-speaker Harman Kardon audio system…the stereo produced nicely detailed music, with easily discernible instrumentation… Wayne Cunningham