Mercedes GL-Class
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Powerful Sound for More Relaxation

The Harman Kardon® sound system in the new generation of the GL-Class was adapted specifically for the luxury SUV’s generous and variable interior. The output of the high-performance class-D amplifier with Logic 7® has been raised by 220 watts to deliver an impressive overall output of 830 watts – the most powerful amplifier in the Harman Kardon lineup. 14 instead of 12 speakers generate an even more spatial sound experience at all seven seating positions. The highly efficient new sound transducers with ultra-light ALumaprene membranes are more dynamic, yet consume less energy, and combine current demands for greater sustainability with unparalleled surround sound quality.

In line with the high standards set by Mercedes-Benz automobiles, the Harman Kardon acoustics experts put the audio systems through their paces in a series of uncompromising tests – both on and off-road. As a result, an incomparable, three-dimensional sound quality that meets the highest demands is still guaranteed even after many years in service. The strict quality standards ensure that neither dust nor severe shaking on rough terrain will impact the excellent reproduction of surround sound.

Luxury Class for the Ears Thanks to 14 High-Performance Speakers

Harman Kardon acoustic specialists have equipped the new generation of the GL-Class with an 830-watt high-performance Class D amplifier that guarantees even more power and superb sound quality both on and off-road. The newly adapted three-dimensional sound experience is based on the groundbreaking discrete Logic 7® technology, which brings music onto the acoustic stage inside the Mercedes-Benz that replicates as closely as possible the intentions of the sound engineer during recording. The spatial information on CD, DVD or audio files is analyzed by audio processing for optimum distribution via the sound transducers, so that every seating position is guaranteed a spatial sound experience.

To adapt the original recording even more dynamically, precisely and spatially for the GL-Class occupant cabin, the new generation of the luxury SUV now has 14 instead of its previous 12 speakers. The GL-Class has been equipped for the first time with the new Harman Kardon ALumaprene sound transducers that deliver even higher performance and an even more precisely detailed sound, while consuming less energy.

The speakers were positioned to ensure that all occupants, in both the five and seven-seat formats, share in the richly detailed sound that completely fills the space. An extra large 100 mm ALumaprene center speaker in the dashboard defines the acoustic midrange. Four 43 mm tweeters incorporated into the front doors at the base of the exterior mirrors and in the rear doors close to the B-pillars deliver vibrant treble tones. A 100 mm ALumaprene midrange speaker is in each of the front doors, while Harman Kardon sound specialists installed a 168 mm ALumaprene midwoofers in each of the rear doors. These four high-performance sound transducers create the foundation for a warm, balanced and yet highly dynamic sound across all music genres. Powerful bass tones are generated by a 200 mm subwoofer with double voice-coil operation inside a sealed unit at the rear of the vehicle. Two 100 mm ALumaprene surround speakers to the right and left of the third row of seats support the first-rate spatial sound experience in all seven seating positions. Regardless of the path chosen by the GL driver – be it en route to the golf course, on rough terrain, cruising on the highway or around town – the Harman Kardon surround sound system delivers a relaxed atmosphere under all conditions and supreme listening pleasure on par with a live concert.

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