BMW 3 Series
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Harman Kardon Premium Surround Sound System in the BMW 3 Series

A brilliant sound experience on every seat

With its Harman Kardon® Logic 7® surround sound system, the BMW 3 Series offers perfect entertainment on the road. Up to 16 speakers and a DSP amplifier portray music with concert-hall realism. Thanks to intensive cooperation between Harman Kardon and BMW, as early as the vehicle design phase, tailor-made solutions were created for every body variant. The particular acoustic conditions of the Sedan, Touring, Coupé and Convertible were taken into consideration, in the most minute detail. In tuning the BMW 3 Series sound, Harman Kardon employed its AuraVox fully automatic equalizing system, which uses a computer to adjust hundreds of parameters. Subsequent manual fine-tuning by acoustic experts provided an additional, decisive improvement in overall system performance.

The experience is impressive: Passengers at every seating position are treated to a three-dimensional listening experience that is both fascinating and captivating. Thanks to Harman Kardon’s innovative surround sound technology, elusive “sweet spots”, where only the driver or front passenger are presented with a balanced soundstage, are a thing of the past.

A unique sound experience on every seat

High-grade, carefully matched components and the Logic 7 technology of the Harman Kardon surround sound system form the basis for the concert-hall atmosphere in the BMW 3 Series. Stereo recordings provide a unique, space-filling 360-degree sound experience at every seat. To ensure a perfect soundstage in every BMW 3 Series model, Harman Kardon acoustic experts developed a specific solution for each model variant.

Depending on model, the BMW 3 Series employs 11, 13 or 16 high-performance speakers: operating as a central bass, two large speakers under the driver and front passenger seats act as subwoofers, providing powerful bass in all BMW 3 Series models. Added to these, metal matrix tweeters are installed in the mirror triangles and midrange speakers in the front doors, plus an additional midrange in the instrument panel of all models. Rear midrange speakers are mounted in the rear doors or side panels, depending on vehicle type.

Due to the individual vehicle architecture of the various models, the mounting locations of the rear tweeters differ; while the Sedan’s speakers are mounted in the rear package tray, those in the Coupé, Touring and Convertible are mounted in the rear side panels.

In addition, Harman Kardon has integrated two especially flat EDPL (electrodynamic planar loudspeaker) units in the headliner of the Touring, where there is insufficient space for conventional speakers. Instead of headliner speakers, the Sedan and Coupé have two additional midrange speakers in the rear package tray. 

In the new Sedan the Harman Kardon Logic 7 DSP amplifier, with a total power output of 625 watts, provides abundant power for captivating surround sound. The sound specialists packaged the amplifier of the Coupé and Touring with a peak output of 420 watts and due to its different speaker configuration, a DSP amplifier with 340-watt total output was selected for the BMW 3 Series Convertible. 

Optimum sound tuning with AuraVox

In shaping the BMW 3 Series sound, Harman Kardon employed its fully automatic AuraVox equalizing system. The system evaluates hundreds of parameters and independently generates the appropriate filters, corrects speaker delay differences, and sets optimum volume levels of individual channels. Combined with subsequent fine tuning by sound engineers, the result is faithful sound reproduction that meets Harman Kardon’s high standards.

* Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

CUSTOMIZED: Every detail of the Harman Kardon® audio system is precisely tuned to the interior of the respective BMW 3 Series model.

POWERFUL: Multi-channel DSP amplifier with up to 625 watts maximizes the fun factor.

DYNAMIC AND BALANCED: Up to 16 high-performance speakers ensure precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

360° MUSICAL PLEASURE: Leading-edge multi-channel surround sound technology transforms stereo recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers, in both front and rear seats.

AUTHENTIC AND UNCOMPROMISING: Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive richness and precision delivering an unparalleled enjoyment – as atmospheric and faithful as a live performance.



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