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Harman Kardon Premium Sound System in the BMW X1

“Good vibrations” both on and off the road

The new Harman Kardon® sound system in the BMW X1 will enthrall listeners with powerful bass sounds, natural midrange tones and crystal-clear treble, while also offering improved efficiency, more dynamism and more power. The system, tailor-made exactly to the special inner dimensions of the X1, permits a unique sound experience that meets the highest standards, even when driving off-road. The basis for this are the high-quality individual components that have been designed right from the development stage for extreme loads far exceeding those to be expected during normal usage.

Unique surround sound thanks to innovative technology

The Harman Kardon audio system in the BMW X1 offers a superior volume level and a sound that is subtly differentiated and rich in detail with its 340-watt total power output through the DSP amplifier. Low bass tones are passed on to the loudspeakers, and every instrument can make its presence felt on the virtual concert platform.

The X1 has eleven high-end sound transducers that have been optimally integrated in the vehicle interior. The special metal matrix diaphragms of the four 26 mm tweeters and the four 100 mm midrange speakers have a sandwich structure made from an aluminum core with a ceramic surface and thus offer a top-class, high-fidelity musical experience. For the first time in a BMW X1, a center loudspeaker was installed. An outstanding feature of this EDPL, in addition to its extremely flat construction, is its good dynamic range (in addition: no distortion factor, easily adjustable speaker direction, lightweight). The central bass function is carried out by two 217 mm subwoofers that are located on the right and left sides under the driver’s and passenger’s seats and pass their “good vibrations” directly to the listener.

The faithful surround sound in the compact SUV is based on the pioneering surround technology by Harman Kardon, that permits faithful, expansive sound reproduction from stereo recordings in every seat. The surround information is optimally distributed via the BMW X1's speakers, producing a sound that remains faithful to the original. This gives passengers the impression of being in a much bigger space with a broad sound platform regardless of where they are seated.

* Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

CUSTOMIZED: Every detail of the Harman Kardon® audio system is precisely tuned to the interior of the BMW X1.

POWERFUL: Multi-channel DSP amplifier with 340 watts maximizes the fun factor.

DYNAMIC AND BALANCED: 11 high-performance speakers ensure precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

360° MUSICAL PLEASURE: Leading-edge multi-channel surround sound technology transforms stereo recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers, in both front and rear seats.

AUTHENTIC AND UNCOMPROMISING: Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive richness and precision delivering an unparalleled enjoyment – as atmospheric and faithful as a live performance.


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