Discrete Logic 7 processing for stereo and 5.1 recordings

Discrete Logic 7 Technology

Discrete Logic 7® technology is the latest Logic 7 version. For the first time, passengers can enjoy brilliant surround sound from both stereo recordings and so-called discrete 5.1 media - from every seat, both front and back.

Although stereo CDs still make up the majority of all the sound-storage mediums purchased, the use of high-resolution surround formats such as DTS® 5.1 or Dolby® Digital 5.1 on DVD-Audio, DVD-Video and DTS-CD media is on the rise (DVD-Audio, DVD-Video and DTS-CD are examples of discrete 5.1 media; they contain high-resolution surround formats such as DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1.). Driven by the rapid proliferation of DVD players and complete home-cinema surround systems, the demand for good sound has increased. And so the desire to be able to play one's favourite music on the road in home cinema quality is increasing. Thanks to intensive research and development, Harman Kardon, Inc., became aware of this trend years ago and set to work developing Logic 7 technology.

But what is the advantage of 5.1 media in comparison to normal stereo recordings? While normal stereo recordings have only two audio tracks, 5.1 media have five, plus a separate subwoofer track. This is a real plus and the basis for even more brilliant sound. However, optimum reproduction at every seat requires more. 5.1 media were not originally developed for reproduction in the car. If most of these recordings were to be played back without adjustment in the car, only one spot would enjoy optimum sound results; this is the so-called "sweet spot." This would be precisely where no one usually sits: right in the middle of the two front seats, on the center console.

Discrete Logic 7 technology offers the answer. As with normal stereo recordings, the surround information is read and optimally distributed through the relevant system architecture. This creates an optimum 360-degree surround-sound impression with every recording at every seat. Other 5.1 surround-sound systems on the market only optimize the sound for one passenger in the car, placing other passengers at a disadvantage.

Thus, Logic 7 technology means that you switch the system on and optimum sound is produced automatically. There's no need to direct the sound to the seating position or to perform complicated sound adjustments. Harman Kardon systems offer pure music pleasure, as if you were at a live performance. Any time, in any seat, with any recording.

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