Range Rover

Harman Kardon Premium Sound in Range Rover

Exclusively available on the Range Rover the Harman Kardon® Logic 7® HD audio system offers the very best for the audio connoisseur searching for that spine tingling emotional realism in the music.

Utilising the latest digital technology the impressive 1200-watt Class D amplifier is at the heart of this world class system delivering effortless performance whatever the source material. 15 independent channels are utilised to drive the system offering levels of system control previously unheard of in a car environment.

With 19 hi-powered speakers optimally located throughout the cabin, the integration with the system amplification is seamless, delivering an unsurpassed 360 degrees of effortless Hi-Dynamic performance. With the addition of tweeters in the facia, rear doors and D pillars the clarity of the hi-frequency performance is significantly enhanced. The advanced propriety ALumaprene technology of the cones in the midrange drivers delivers smooth and controlled vocal performance even from the most challenging tracks. Complemented with the new 200 mm front door woofer and subwoofer in the rear quarter deck, the control of the low-end frequencies is truly remarkable.

All this coupled with Harman Kardon’s proprietary discrete Logic 7 surround sound processing technology creates an all encompassing, multi-layered experience that releases all the subtle nuances of the original recording to envelop the listener in 360 degrees of sound, irrespective of the seat location.

Benefits at a Glance

Excellent performance. The Harman Kardon® Logic 7® HD surround sound system is tailored to the Range Rover and precisely designed with its specific interior in mind. The result is acoustic precision and exceptional sound balance.

360-degree musical pleasure. The Harman Kardon multi-channel surround sound technology taking the original recording as its benchmark, uses a sophisticated matrix and specially developed digital algorithms to transform normal two-channel stereo recordings into realistic, atmospheric multi-channel surround sound – whether playing back stereo or 5.1 recordings, CDs or DVDs.

Authentic and uncompromising. Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive sharpness, richness and precision, allowing even the finest details to be heard. The aim is always to reproduce original recordings as faithfully as possible.

Continuous listening pleasure. The Speed Dependent Volume Control (SDVC) ensures that the sound heard by the listener remains the same, thanks to the continuous adaptation of the volume to the vehicle's speed.


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