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Premium Surround Sound in E-Class Models

Impressive surround sound experience

The exclusive Harman Kardon® discrete Logic 7® surround sound system lends a unique sound ambience to the new Mercedes-Benz® E-class models. Thanks to a intensive development co-operation between Harman Kardon and Mercedes-Benz during the construction phase of the new model every sound system fulfils crystal-clear high tones, powerful basses and unique, genuine stereophonic sound. To achieve the optimum sound solution in every model the system has been adapted to fit the acoustic conditions in the Sedan, in the Wagon, in the Coupe and especially in the Convertible. The result is a spatial acoustic experience which sets new standards in this vehicle class.

Impressive music enjoyment in each body variant

The carefully coordinated technical components and the discrete Logic 7 technology of the Harman Kardon surround sound systems provide the basis for the unmistakable authentic stereophonic sound in the various Mercedes-Benz E-class models. Thereby traditional stereo CD recordings as well as, modern 5.1-Multi-Channel recordings on DVD audio2, DVD video2 und DTS-CD are presented in an inspiring 360-degree surround sound experience.

The acoustic specialists at Harman Kardon developed an independent solution for the respective architecture of the four model variations.

In the E-Class Sedan as well as in the Wagon 14 metal-matrix high-performance speakers are used. Besides the centrally positioned 80 mm center speaker there are also two 43 mm of tweeters positioned in each mirror triangle. The front doors are fitted with an 80 mm midrange speaker and a 165 mm Woofer. The Harman Kardon acoustic engineers decided on 43 mm tweeters and 165 mm wide-band transducers for the rear doors.

Differences in the sound architecture are encountered behind the rear seat bench. In the Sedan, two surround loudspeakers and a powerful 200 mm x 320 mm subwoofer in the rear shelf contribute to the precise dynamism and excellent sound. In the E-Class Wagon the Harman acoustic specialists have incorporated two 80 mm surround speakers in the D-pillars. These provide for a well-balanced and space-filling sound impression on the rear seats. The selection and positioning of the subwoofer, to be housed in the luggage compartment of the Wagon, proved to be a complex task. Because the premium class wagon will in future also be available as a mild hybrid with an additional battery in the rear, a solution had to be found that could be used in all variants. The chosen option was a 200 mm double voice-coil subwoofer in an enclosed bass box, which is - as is the case with the sedan - powered by a separate 2 x 80 watt booster.

Due to the more compact design, a total of twelve metal-matrix high-performance loudspeakers are used in the E-Class Coupe. In addition to the centrally-positioned 80 mm center loudspeaker in the instrument panel, two 43 mm tweeters in the mirror triangles provide three-dimensional sound. Two more 43 mm tweeters are positioned in the rear side panels. In addition, there are two wide-band transducers in each of the front doors and in the rear side panels. Together with the two 80 mm surround speakers and the powerful 200 mm x 270 mm subwoofer in the rear shelf, they provide for precise dynamism and excellent sound balance.

The Harman Kardon sound engineers were challenged particularly with the Convertible which is furnished with 12 high-performance speakers. Four 43 mm tweeters positioned in the mirror triangles and in the panels left and right of the rear seating. A 80 mm metal-matrix speaker positioned centrally in the instrument board provides for clear acoustics. In both doors and in the rear panels are four large metal-matrix 165 mm wide-band transducers, supported by a 165 mm speaker with a strong double voice coil positioned behind between the seat backs. Two 80 mm center speakers positioned behind the back seats are responsible for the clear spatial sound location on the back seats. A constant sound impression is guaranteed in the Convertibel, through the on board 450 watt multichannel DSP amplifier which receives signals from the central electric system as soon as the roof is opened whereby the sound reproduction is automatically adapted to the acoustic conditions of the open passenger area.

In all four models the powerful multichannel DSP amplifier is equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) that controls the frequency with its high computing capability, ensuring a harmonious sound. Moreover, the Speed-Sensitive Volume Adjustment (SSVA) provides for a consistent sound impression at all times in the Sedan, Coupe and Wagon, through continuous adjustment of the volume to the vehicle speed. The result: a very impressive, harmonious, powerful and emotional sound experience for each passenger, on each seat.

1 In conjunction with the Audio 50 & COAND systems

2 In conjunction with COMAND system only

* Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

CUSTOMIZED: Every detail of the Harman Kardon® audio system is precisely tuned to the interior of the respective E-Class model.

POWERFUL: Multi-channel DSP amplifier with up to 610 watt maximizes the fun factor.

DYNAMIC AND BALANCED: Up to 14 high-performance speakers ensure precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

360° MUSICAL PLEASURE: Leading-edge Logic 7® multi-channel surround sound technology transforms stereo and discrete 5.1 recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers, in both front and rear seats. Playback of DVD-Audio*, DVD-Video* and CD in the digital standards MLP 5.1*, DTS®5.1*, Dolby®Digital 5.1*, PCM and MP3** for maximum flexibility.

AUTHENTIC AND UNCOMPROMISING: Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive richness and precision delivering an unparalleled enjoyment - as atmospheric and faithful as a live performance.

* In conjunction with COMAND and/or Audio 50, depending on the respective Mercedes-Benz model

** Minimum 128 kbit/s


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