Mercedes R-Class
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New sound dimensions in the Mercedes-Benz R-Class

A tailor-made Harman Kardon® surround sound system for the Mercedes-Benz® R-Class sets standards with superior, faithful music reproduction. The sound system with discrete Logic 7® technology delivers a unique sound experience from stereo and 5.11 recordings that meets the highest expectations for three-dimensional sound reproduction in every seat. Key features of the tailor-made system architecture include high-quality, powerful components, as well as particularly extensive tuning by Harman Kardon acoustic experts.

Faithful surround sound with 12 speakers

The Harman Kardon sound system meets the highest standards, as befits the premium nature of the R-Class. The basis for the authentic sound experience is Harman Kardon Logic 7 technology, originally developed for professional sound studios. The audio-processing technology permits optimum surround-sound enjoyment of stereo and 5.11 multichannel recordings in every seat, front and back. The impression of a very broad sound platform is achieved with a total of 12 high-performance speakers that have been custom-integrated in the interior. The Harman Kardon DSP amplifier offers a total system output of 610 watt and guarantees an impressive and concise sound.

Another feature of the audio system in the R-Class is the digital encryption technology. Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP)1 allows all signals to be digitally transported and processed en route from the sound carrier to the amplifier. The result is lossless transmission of modern multichannel formats. Whether from DVD-Audio1, DVD-Video1 or DTS® CD media, loss of quality when transmitting high-resolution multichannel sound recordings to the MLP, MLP 5.11, DTS 5.11, Dolby┬« Digital 5.11 and PCM digital standards is now a thing of the past. Finally, the R-Class also features Speed-Sensitive Volume Adjustment (SSVA). It ensures that the sound heard by the listener always remains the same, thanks to the continuous adaptation of the volume to the vehicle speed.

1 Only in combination with COMAND system

* Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

CUSTOMIZED: Every detail of the Harman Kardon® audio system is precisely tuned to the interior of the R-Class.

POWERFUL: Multi-channel DSP amplifier with 610 watt maximizes the fun factor.

DYNAMIC AND BALANCED: 12 high-performance speakers ensure precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

360┬░ MUSICAL PLEASURE: Leading-edge Logic 7® multi-channel surround sound technology transforms stereo and discrete 5.1 recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers, in both front and rear seats. Playback of DVD-Audio*, DVD-Video* and CD in the digital standards MLP 5.1*, DTS®5.1*, Dolby®Digital 5.1*, PCM and MP3** for maximum flexibility.

AUTHENTIC AND UNCOMPROMISING: Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive richness and precision delivering an unparalleled enjoyment as atmospheric and faithful as a live performance.

* In conjunction with COMAND and/or Audio 50, depending on the respective Mercedes-Benz model

** Minimum 128 kbit/s



12 high-performance loudspeakers with optimum position in the car.
80mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 168mm 168mm 168mm 168mm 80mm 80mm 168mm 610 watts

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