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New sound dimensions in the luxury class

The Mercedes-Benz® S-Class is reaching new sound dimensions with the Harman Kardon® discrete Logic 7® sound system. The high-end system is characterized by 15 more efficient speakers that offer greater dynamism and even better performance. All of the interior dimensions of the luxury sedans have also been remeasured to achieve even better sound quality in every seat.

High-end components for superior, balanced sound dynamics

Harman Kardon uses only top-class, tailor-made technical components in the S-Class. To give even greater focus to the sound platform above the dashboard, the Harman Kardon specialists increased the number of sound transducers from 14 to 15. The additional 43 mm tweeter above the 100 mm center speaker on the dashboard helps to produce much more flexible sound characteristics. This means that even with complex classical compositions, the highest standards are met and the three-dimensional sound experience of a live orchestra is offered. Harman Kardon also uses innovative ALumaprene membranes that guarantee a perfect balance between stability and weight. Thanks to the new membranes, with their excellent damping characteristics, the speakers meet the expectations for a balanced frequency response with even greater ease. Another feature of the new speaker generation is the revised magnet systems, which result in a lower overall weight. The end product of the meticulous speaker tuning is powerful bass tones, natural mid-tones and crystal-clear treble tones. At the same time, the efficiency and dynamism of the speakers are even greater than before.

The Harman Kardon audio system is driven by a Harman Kardon DSP amplifier with a total output of 600 watt. The compact and especially light amplifier has a very powerful digital signal processor (DSP). Its high computational power enables optimum music playback that is tuned to the specific vehicle architecture of the S-Class.

The Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) encryption technology enables loss-free transmission of modern multichannel formats. Whether from DVD-Audio1, DVD-Video2 or DTS-CD, loss of quality when transmitting high-resolution multichannel sound recordings to the MLP, MLP 5.11, DTS® 5.11 and Dolby┬« Digital 5.11 digital standards, as well as when transmitting normal stereo recordings, is now a thing of the past.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class also features advanced Speed-Sensitive Volume Adjustment (SSVA). Every change in speed is forwarded to the sound system by means of a speedometer signal and the sound system then adjusts the volume up or down. It also automatically adapts the sound to balance out increasing background noise at high speed, without the driver having to manually adjust the sound.

Discrete Logic 7 technology enables faithful surround sound from 5.1 and stereo recordings

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class uses discrete Logic 7 technology that enables unique, faithful playback of 5.1 and stereo recordings in every seat. If 5.1 recordings were to be played without alteration in the car, there would be only one "sweet spot": right in the area of the center console, where no one sits. Discrete Logic 7 technology has the answer: The surround information is read out from the recording medium and distributed to optimum effect, just as intended in the original, via the system architecture of the S-Class. Digital algorithms developed by Harman Kardon engineers generate a sound experience never before achieved in a car. The sound source is moved away from the individual speakers, which means it can no longer be identified. This has the effect of making the interior seem larger and the sound platform broader. Instead of a single sweet spot, the discrete Logic 7 technology produces optimum playback in every seat and from every recording.

1 In conjunction with the Audio 50 & COMAND systems

2 In conjunction with the COMAND system only

* Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

CUSTOMIZED: Every detail of the Harman Kardon® audio system is precisely tuned to the interior of the S-Class.

POWERFUL: Multi-channel DSP amplifier with 600 watt maximizes the fun factor.

DYNAMIC AND BALANCED: 15 high-performance speakers ensure precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

360┬░ MUSICAL PLEASURE: Leading-edge Logic 7® multi-channel surround sound technology transforms stereo and discrete 5.1 recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers, in both front and rear seats. Playback of DVD-Audio*, DVD-Video* and CD in the digital standards MLP 5.1*, DTS®5.1*, Dolby®Digital 5.1*, PCM and MP3** for maximum flexibility.

AUTHENTIC AND UNCOMPROMISING: Instruments and voices are reproduced with an impressive richness and precision delivering an unparalleled enjoyment - as atmospheric and faithful as a live performance.

* In conjunction with COMAND and/or Audio 50, depending on the respective Mercedes-Benz model


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