MINI Coupe
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Sporty style, perfect sound

The genes of the MINI Coupe are programmed for sporty driving. The new tailor-made Harman Kardon® audio system raises the level of driving pleasure in the MINI Coupe with its unparalleled music reproduction. Ten optimally positioned speakers in the dynamic two-seater deliver an exceptional sound experience for both driver and passenger. The highly efficient 480-watt DSP amplifier featuring Class-D technology meets all possible demands for refined performance and guarantees perfect sound from all musical source material.

The uncompromising MINI Coupe is trimmed for sporty driving and is the lightest member of the entire MINI range. It therefore offers the very best basis for a unique go-cart feeling that extends all the way up to a top speed of 240 km/h. Its low center of gravity, its agile running gear and its powerful engine turn it into an adventurer in search of back roads and tight curves.

Maximum listening pleasure with maximum head clearance
Anyone who drives a MINI expect to have fun – in terms of both its dynamics and its entertainment. For this reason, Harman Kardon acoustic experts developed a sound system for the MINI Coupe with space-filling, dynamic sound and powerful bass tones. Ten precisely placed high-performance speakers deliver amazing acoustics. Two 26 mm metal-matrix tweeters in the A-pillars and in the rear make for a three-dimensional sound experience. The two innovative ALumaprene membranes in the door-mounted midrange speakers display outstanding damping characteristics that facilitate a particularly level frequency response. A further characteristic of the membrane material is the carefully balanced relationship between stiffness and weight.

HARMAN acoustic specialists have also integrated two woofers into the front door panels, for dynamic reproduction of even very deep bass riffs. Two midwoofers in the rear bulkhead likewise produce impressive bass tones. The tweeters that are also built into the rear bulkhead deliver a spatially balanced overall sound.

The ten speakers in the MINI Coupe are powered by a high-performance and extremely efficient DSP amplifier with 480 watts overall output. The space-saving package is neatly installed beneath the driver’s seat.

*Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

Tailor-made: Every detail of the entire system is specially designed and acoustically tuned for the respective MINI One Clubman, MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper D Clubman One and MINI Cooper S Clubman models.

Powerful: The 480-watt high-performance DSP amplifier in Class D technology maximizes the fun factor.

Dynamic and balanced: 10 high-performance speakers ensure accurate music dynamics and excellent linearity.

Authentic: Innovative technologies deliver a faithful music experience with all the ambience and detail that characterize a live performance.

Acoustically optimized: Optimally positioned speakers in combination with the fully automatic AuraVox equalizing system provide thrilling listening pleasure for all passengers, in both front and rear seats.

Efficient: Pioneering technologies and materials guarantee high efficiency, quality and performance with minimum dimensions and weight.



MINI Coupe

Media and Formats Supported

Audio CD (linear PCM)
MP3 on CD (at least 128 kBit/s)
USB interface for portable media player*

* In conjunction with the appropriate cable/adapter solution from the MINI accessories only
10 high-performance Harman Kardon® speakers with optimum position in the car.
26mm 26mm 26mm 26mm 100mm 100mm 150mm 150mm 150x230mm 150x230mm 480W

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