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The sound of (e)motion

Uniting powerful performance and exciting dynamics in a compact design, the new high-performance Harman Kardon® audio system transforms the MINI into a large concert hall. Music lovers can now order their favorite model with ten optimally positioned loudspeakers and a powerful 480-watt DSP amplifier employing Class D technology. The loudspeakers are perfectly tailored to the MINI interior, impressively underlining the expertise of Harman Kardon acoustic engineers: Crystal-clear treble tones and rich bass sounds offer driver and passengers an unforgettable sound experience in the MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper D and MINI Cooper S with all the realism that characterizes a live performance.

Powerful bass and brilliant treble tones make for an exciting sound

Harman Kardon's new sound system contributes to the high fun factor provided by the MINI: Ten high-quality loudspeakers emphasize the strong character of the classic car. A 3-way system is integrated in the front and a 2-way system in the rear. The special metal matrix diaphragms have a sandwich structure made from an aluminum core with a ceramic surface and offer a top-class, high-fidelity music experience. Two 26 mm metal matrix tweeters in the A-pillars are supported by two 100 mm mid-range speakers in the door panels. Their innovative ALumaprene diaphragms offer excellent damping characteristics and thus allow a finely balanced frequency response. An extra feature of the diaphragm material is the careful balance between stiffness and weight.

Harman Kardon acoustic specialists have also integrated two bass speakers in the front door panels. With a diameter of 150 mm, these door woofers ensure faithful sound reproduction and excellent dynamics of even the deepest bass rhythms.

In addition, the rear side panels feature two more 26 mm metal matrix tweeters and two powerful 150 mm × 230 mm midbass speakers (woofers).

The 480-watt DSP amplifier in Class D technology weighs only 1.3 kilograms, enables high sound pressure levels (SPL) and produces an enormously rich, detailed sound. The amplifier offers more than twice the performance of the previous model and ensures even better sound quality. It passes low bass tones on to the loudspeakers in high quality so that every instrument can make its presence felt on the imaginary concert stage. Because of its superior efficiency, the amplifier radiates very little heat, rendering an additional cooling mechanism unnecessary. As a result, the amplifier has compact dimensions – just 19.2 × 11.6 × 5.2 centimeters - enabling automakers to save space by installing it behind the paneling in the trunk.

*Car models may be subject to availability in certain countries

Benefits at a Glance

Tailor-made: Every detail of the entire system is specially designed and acoustically tuned the respective MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper D and MINI Cooper S models.

Powerful: The 480-watt high-performance DSP amplifier in Class D technology maximizes the fun factor.

Dynamic and balanced: 10 high-performance speakers ensure accurate music dynamics and excellent linearity.

Authentic: Innovative technologies deliver a faithful music experience with all the ambience and detail that characterize a live performance.

Acoustically optimized: Optimally positioned speakers in combination with the fully automatic AuraVox equalizing system provide thrilling listening pleasure for all passengers, in both front and rear seats.

Efficient: Pioneering technologies and materials guarantee high efficiency, quality and performance with minimum dimensions and weight.



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