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  • Soho-A - Premium, on-ear mini headphones with Universal 1 button remote
    Full compatibility with Android™ devices for remote control and streaming functionality.
  • Soho-A - Premium, on-ear mini headphones with Universal 1 button remote
    In-Line Remote & Microphone
    Allows you to control content on your device and take calls conveniently.
  • Soho-A - Premium, on-ear mini headphones with Universal 1 button remote
    Leather Finish
    Parts of the product use leather finish for luxurious touch and feel.

Superlative sound reproduction housed in an awe-inspiring, highly functional headphone design

Premium, on-ear mini headphones with Universal 1 button remote

The Harman Kardon Soho heralds the ultimate in bold statements for headphone sound quality and functional, eye-catching design. Powerful, precise and stylish, the Harman Kardon Soho stakes its claim on the rich quality of sound revealed by its 30mm drivers and high performance neo-transducers. Crisp highs and deep lows result from multiple hook-up options including mp3s and Android devices. An inline remote control and microphone marry to its groundbreaking ability to fold-down to fit within its surprisingly slim carrying case for ease of transport when you’re on-the-go. The Harman Kardon Soho not only looks exceptionally sophisticated with its contrasting stitched leather and stainless steel components – they also sound equally impressive, making them your new favorite travel companions.

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In The Box

Before You Unbox It
  • 1 pair Harman Kardon Soho headphones
  • 1 slim-line carrying case
  • 1 straight cable
  • 1 cable with universal one-button remote
Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility
Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
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Product Features
Sophisticated design
Beginning with the need to create a superior, compact headphone became a typical Harman Kardon statement of art and science. Its functional design features Euro-styled craftsmanship incorporating the high-end touch of stitched leather and stainless steel while the Harman Kardon Soho folds flat for busy, on-the-go lifestyles, protected in their own ultra-slim carrying case.
Exceptional performance
Harman Kardon acoustics inform the 30mm power drivers and neo-transducers housed within each sleek, foldable ear cup to deliver on the Harman Kardon reputation of sound quality. Crisp highs and deep lows join multiple hook-up options for mp3 players and androids.
Foldable, Portable, Secure
Its durable, stainless steel headband folds inward together with foldable ear cups, rendering the Harman Kardon Soho functionally flat for safe housing in their ultra-slim, fits-anywhere carrying case – perfect for your travel needs or added protection. A cable management system ensures reduced wear-and-tear for every connection.
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Soho-A - Premium, on-ear mini headphones with Universal 1 button remote
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The merging of exceptional sound to unparalleled design for exceptional sound on-the-go.
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