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Add-on A-BUS expansion hub for relaying sound to eight rooms.

Four-room/eight-room A-BUS expansion hub

Using any A-BUS®-compatible Harman Kardon® products as a central source, the ABH 4000 expansion hub provides flexible sound distribution (via AB 1 amplified in-wall modules) across four separate entertainment zones to as many as eight rooms in your house or apartment. And if you need to add A-BUS connectivity to a receiver, pre-amplifier or surround processor that is not A-BUS/ready™, the hub’s onboard audio inputs will distribute sound from “Tape” or “Multiroom” ports. To provide even more extensive sound coverage, you can cascade multiple units together using standard Cat. 5/5e cables.

Know What's
In The Box

Before You Unbox It
  • 1 ABH 4000 expansion hub
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 6' (2m) AC power cord
  • 1 3' (1m) RJ-45 connection jumper cable
  • Owner’s manual
Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility
Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
Audio Specifications
Trigger Output
12 volts, 100ma
Power Supply Output
24-volt, 4-amp supply included
Power Supply Input
108 – 264 VAC, 115 watts
Depth (in)
Depth (mm)
Height (in)
Height (mm)
Weight (lb)
Width (in)
Width (mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Electronic
Product Features
Expands A-BUS/ready audio to eight rooms/four zones
Ideal for audiophiles who love to host parties – or for those who have families with highly diverse musical tastes – the ABH 4000 extends different kinds of music across multiple, discrete entertainment zones.
Compatible with components that are not A-BUS/ready
The ABH 4000 can work with components that aren’t A-BUS/ready. This ability gives you increased value and flexibility. It even saves you money; the ABH 4000 distributes different music in different zones, so you won’t need to spend money on additional source components for every part of the house.
IR-sensor and IR-emitter connectors
The ABH 4000’s infrared (IR) sensor ports provide direct control from the main listening room. And if you need to control multiple source components, the hub also offers additional IR emitter connections.
Simplified A-BUS connectors
The ABH 4000 allows for simplified A-BUS networking, requiring only standard Cat. 5/5e cables fitted with RJ-45 connectors. RCA audio inputs let you connect easily with source components that aren’t A-BUS/ready.
Expansion in/out connectors
Via the unit’s expansion in/out ports, you can connect multiple ABH 4000 hubs to A-BUS/ready source components, thereby expanding the reach and range of your sound system to multiple rooms. Perfect for audiophiles with large homes, these expansion hubs let you customize the output to different playback areas for each primary component.
Status and power LEDs
Thanks to its LED lights, the ABH 4000 keeps you informed of system status and power levels. And its infrared (IR) remote control helps you through system setup, testing and troubleshooting. In everyday use, the LEDs confirm that commands have reached the unit, ensuring that your system complies with your every whim.
Harman Kardon sound: A legacy of achievement
Exemplifying the balance among high style, modern design and audio ingenuity, the ABH 4000 expansion hub embodies the spirit of Harman Kardon innovation, a legacy that discerning audio enthusiasts have revered for almost 60 years. Harman Kardon engineers have consistently advanced the science of sound, developing products that are dedicated to quality, durability and, most importantly, generating rave reviews from audiophiles.
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ABH 4000 - Four-room/eight-room A-BUS expansion hub
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ABH 4000

Programmable sound throughout the house.
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