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  • AE - Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response
    Simply connect any iOS device to play your favorite audio/video tracks.
  • AE - Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response
    In-Line Remote & Microphone
    Allows you to control content on your device and take calls conveniently.

In-ear headphones with true low-frequency reproduction.

Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response

Harman Kardon® AE headphones feature an aluminum-alloy housing for extended bass and true low-frequency reproduction. Optimized 3/8-inch (9-millimeter) drivers deliver extended bass response, wide dynamic levels, high sound-pressure levels and sound clarity at all volume levels. The lightweight AEs include silicone sleeves in three sizes for optimum comfort and an Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone for phone calls. A blend of sophistication and simplicity, AE headphones are part of Harman Kardon’s first-ever line of headphones. Now you can take beautiful sound with you wherever you go.

Know What's
In The Box

Before You Unbox It
  • 1 set of Harman Kardon AE headphones
  • 3 pairs of silicone sleeves: small, medium, large
  • 1 pair of uni-size Comply foam sleeves
  • 1 4' (1.2m) cable
  • 1 premium carrying case
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card
Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility
Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
AE - Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response

Works with Most mobile devices, PCs and laptops have a 3.5mm Aux connection

General Specifications
4' (1.2m)
Frequency Response
16 Hz - 20 k Hz
In-ear canal style
Audio Specifications
3/8" (9mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Electronic
Product Features
Sophisticated, modern design
Harman Kardon AE headphones offer high-tech performance wrapped in an elegant package and interface. With its blend of aluminum and black, the AEs’ design and function complement Apple products while reinforcing the sophisticated elegance of the Harman Kardon brand.
Optimized driver system
Premium 3/8-inch (9-millimeter) drivers generate an excellent frequency response (16Hz – 20kHz) and are optimized to the aluminum housing. They produce wide dynamic range, high sound-pressure levels and extended bass response.
Aluminum alloy housing
The housing on the AE headphones is made of an aluminum alloy that provides superior acoustic dampening. It extends the bass range with true low-frequency reproduction. The housing also reduces the unwanted resonances that can compromise sound quality.
Sonic clarity and accuracy even at low volume levels
The AEs’ acoustic engineering and passive noise reduction mean that you can hear music and other audio content clearly at low volume levels. So you can enjoy all the music definition without all the volume – and that’s safer for your ears.
Silicone sleeves
Three pairs of sleeves (small, medium and large) are included. The choice of size ensures maximum comfort – and minimum ambient noise – in the ear canal.
Comply foam sleeves
As a one-size-fits-all option to silicone sleeves, AE headphones include a pair of Comply™ sleeves. The moldable foam provides a comfortable fit as well as noise reduction.
Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone
Made specifically for use with iPhone and iPod, the streamlined AE remote offers familiar controls for audio playback controls and phone calls.
Heavy cable and durable plug
The cable on the AE headphones features a metal plug and an elastomer-coated cable that resists tangling. High-quality materials help the cable and plug last longer.
Premium carrying case
Beautiful sound is worth protecting. AE headphones come with a carrying case that keeps the silicone sleeves from getting lost and reduces cable tangling.
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AE - Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response
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