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46-inch soundbar with 100-watt subwoofer

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Not everybody has space at home for the multiple loudspeakers that form the parts of a typical 5.1-channel home theater system – not to mention the long wires needed to hook them together. But here is a far more elegant solution that dramatically reduces cable and component clutter. The SB 30 soundbar speaker is a slim, cylindrical unit that sits below or beside your flat-panel screen and works with a wireless subwoofer that you can put anywhere in the room. Connected directly to your TV receiver, Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVD player or video-game console, the soundbar speaker delivers both stereo and rich, enveloping surround sound from two-channel sources. In addition to reducing the number of components you need to an absolute minimum, the SB 30 makes sure that there are no wires in (or out of) sight. The system features exclusive HARMAN Wave surround-mode technology that delivers a compelling surround-sound experience from 13 transducers fed by 11 amplified channels. Optical, digital, coaxial and analog inputs ensure easy hook-up to your TV, media players, satellite dish and cable tuner, without making you replug cables every time you change systems.

Know What's In The Box

  • 1 SB 30 CTR soundbar speaker
  • 1 SB 30 SUB 100-watt wireless subwoofer
  • 2 sets of wall-mount brackets
  • 2 sets of rubber feet
  • 1 AC power cord for SB 30 CTR speaker
  • 1 5' (1.5m) optical digital audio cable
  • 1 6' 7" (2m) stereo audio cable
  • 1 remote control
  • Owner’s manual

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A total of seven 10-watt and four 40-watt amplifier channels power the SB 30 soundbar’s array of HARMAN Warrior midrange transducers and CMMD® Lite tweeters to ensure a detailed surround-sound experience.

The SB 30 includes everything you need to create an immersive surround-sound experience from two-channel material. The loudspeaker system connects directly to your TV receiver, Blu-ray Disc player, DVD player or game console, and works with a single wireless subwoofer that you can place anywhere in the room.

The SB 30’s 100-watt powered subwoofer includes volume, crossover frequency and phase controls that make it easy to synchronize bass output with the soundbar’s loudspeakers and fine-tune the system’s performance to match your room acoustics and personal preferences. For enhanced bass response, the down-firing unit interacts with the floor rather than the nearby walls.

Exemplifying the balance among high style, modern design and audio ingenuity, the SB 30 fully embodies the spirit of Harman Kardon® innovation, a legacy represented by discerning audio enthusiasts for almost 60 years.

The SB 30 features exclusive HARMAN Wave surround-mode technology that delivers a compelling surround-sound experience from 13 transducers fed by 11 amplified channels – and with no wires in (or out of) sight.

The HARMAN Wave mode uses all of the soundbar’s transducers to create both left and right surround-sound fields in addition to using the left and right transducer groups to reproduce the front left and front right stereo signals. Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) uses wave-field synthesis to control direct and indirect sound fields separately, creating an impressive sensation for many listeners seated over a wide listening area, even in large rooms.

The HARMAN Wave mode includes a “Room Size” adjustment that lets you tailor the soundbar’s energy field to match the dimensions of your listening room. Available settings are Small Room, Medium Room and Large Room.

Dolby® Volume processing can improve audio performance by revealing subtle details in the sound, even at moderate home-listening volumes. The Leveler setting maintains a consistent listening volume within a program source – maybe a TV show with commercials, or various tracks on a CD. The Modeler setting endeavors to re-create the reference presentation that people heard where the audio was recorded without losing portions at the typically lower volume levels used in the home. The SB 30’s remote can control each mode.

To accommodate a variety of video and audio sources, the SB 30 features both optical and coaxial digital input ports in addition to conventional analog input connectors.

The SB 30 remote offers control of playback levels, plus various surround, Dolby Volume and HARMAN Wave modes, to match the size of your listening room.

The SB 30’s interference-blocking video shielding prevents interruptions to the magnetic fields of older TVs with cathode-ray tubes (CRTs). By eliminating such image distortion, the video shielding lets you place the soundbar speaker virtually anywhere.

An EQ switch adjusts the soundbar’s bass performance for either wall mounting or table mounting. If you mount the soundbar on a wall with the included wall-mount brackets, the Wall position ensures the most natural-sounding bass performance.

Unlike conventional, front-firing subwoofers, the SB 30’s 100-watt, powered 8-inch (200-millimeter) sub fires downward, interacting with the floor rather than nearby walls for enhanced bass response. Volume, phase and bass-boost controls make it easy to synchronize bass output with the soundbar and then to fine-tune the overall performance to match your room acoustics and personal preferences.

A special signal detector in the SB 30 automatically turns on the soundbar when it senses an audio signal at any of its inputs. To save power, the system also enters a standby mode if it doesn’t detect an audio signal at any of its inputs for approximately 15 minutes.

Individual volume, phase and bass-boost controls let you fine-tune the SB 30 system’s performance to match your room acoustics.

Subwoofer Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
100 wattsless than 0.5W (standby); 100W (maximum)
Speaker Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
40 watts x 4; 10 watts x 7
Frequency Response
40Hz – 20kHz
Subwoofer_Frequency Response
40Hz – 160Hz
Subwoofer Power Requirement
120V, 60Hz (USA);230V, 50Hz/60Hz (EU)
Subwoofer_Enclosure Type
Subwoofer Low-Frequncy Transducer
8" (200mm) down-firing cone
Subwoofer Controls
Volume, phase
Speaker High-Frequency Transducer
Seven x 1" (25mm) domes
Speaker Low-Frequency Transducer
Six x 2" (51mm) cones
Speaker Power Requirement
110V – 120V AC, 60Hz (USA);220V – 240V AC, 50Hz (EU), selectable

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