For decades, Jeep® has been the poster child for America’s go-anywhere attitude. Sturdy, unstoppable off-roaders, highly capable all-rounders and luxurious SUV’s have formed the brand that leads the way.

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The Sound of an
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Every detail of the Harman Kardon sound system is precisely tuned to maximize the interior acoustics of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

19 high-performance speakers guarantee precise dynamics and excellent sound balance.

The Class-D amplifier with 900 watts impresses with distortion-free and high-performance playback.

The surround sound technology transforms stereo recordings into an exhilarating surround sound experience for all passengers - in both front and rear seats.

Car models

Jeep Grand Cherokee


Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is the flagship of the Jeep range. Therefore, it offers the pinnacle of sound systems, developed in corporation with Harman Kardon. A setup with no less than 19 speakers ensures that the sound matches the capability of America’s leading off-road vehicle. AuraVox sound equalizing technology and DSP multichannel amplifiers provide a three-dimensional sound experience that is just like being there.


  • 19 speakers
  • 900 Watts Amplified Power
  • Class-D Technology

System overview

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15 ×90mm GreenEdge high-efficiency unity speakers (unique patented motor), each with 25 mm GreenEdge tweeter in one enclosure
24 ×25mm GreenEdge high efficiency tweeters
32 ×6 x 9 inch GreenEdge high efficiency subwoofers
42 ×160mm GreenEdge high efficiency woofers with acousticlens technology
51 ×10 inch GreenEdge high efficiency subwoofer in 20l enclosure
6Jeep‘s 1st high voltage GreenEdge Class-D amplifierwith tracking power supply and 900 watts equivalent* total output
  • A captivating listening experience
    customized to your Grand Cherokee

    Jeep offers a model for every purpose, for the toughest terrain and the most sophisticated environments. Everything that Jeep does needs to fulfill one single purpose: stand up to the challenge. That’s why Jeep chooses Harman Kardon as its sound partner.

  • A captivating listening experience
    customized to your Grand Cherokee

    19 high-performance speakers, powerful DSP multichannel amplifier and AuraVox sound equalizing technology make for a perfect sound experience in any seat of the house. Be it in the deepest desert or downtown Manhattan, the Harman Kardon audiosystem delivers rich powerful sounds under any circumstances. Harman Kardon and Jeep – together there is no stopping them.

  • A captivating listening experience
    customized to your Grand Cherokee

    Exquisite sound, highest quality materials and tough build quality make Harman Kardon a perfect fit for the Jeep brand. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the original SUV, the car that started a whole new genre more than 50 years ago. Today it still leads the pack with engineering excellence, reliability and sophisticated technical solutions. Harman Kardon engineers developed a tailor-made sound system for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, using leading-edge Harman Kardon technologies to create a sound like no other.

Harman Kardon®
cutting edge technologies

At Harman Kardon, we strongly believe in first-class quality music reproduction. Music must always preserve its character and nature. Music is meant to be a full and rich emotional experience. That attitude determines how we see and use technology. For Harman Kardon, technology has one purpose and one purpose only – to serve the music!

  • Auravox

    AuraVox is a software-based equalizing system for the most challenging of sonic environments – the car interior. AuraVox is breaking new ground in perfect in-car sound coordination, permitting a level of computer-based adjustment. With AuraVox applied, speakers will unleash their full potential, sound systems will create a clean, distortion-free sonic spectacle when on the road. A generous but realistic soundstage – for every listening position.

  • Logic 7®

    Sometimes, more is actually more. Discrete Logic 7 offers superior surround sound from discrete, high-resolution 5.1 sources and even stereo recordings. Discrete Logic 7 manages the immense wealth of audio signals and distributes them across the entire system architecture. The result is an impressive 360° sound spectrum at any location in the vehicle. Turn on your audio system and the perfect sound is right there. No need to adjust the controls for your individual listening position.

  • GreenEdge™

    GreenEdge enables you to enjoy the sound of efficiency. Harman Kardon® GreenEdge systems combine new environmentally friendly design with dramatic energy savings – all without compromising the premium performance for which Harman Kardon products are known. The systems utilize unique amplifier and speaker technologies delivering substantial increases in component and system efficiency levels.

Harman Kardon®
Automotive Reviews

  • 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    “Music plays through a very nice Harman Kardon audio system… the 900-watt amp left a good impression in my ears. The sub exerted a palpable force through the car, so that I felt as well as heard the music. It also did a fine job with mid- and high ranges, delivering a full, textured sound.”