Wireless HD music system featuring

Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in

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How it works

Discover every room together in wireless harmony

Complete Control - That fits in your pocket

Play what you want, where you want, with the Controller App.

The Harman Kardon Controller App gives you complete control of your music and where it’s played. Stream different songs in different rooms using different sources, group rooms together, or activate Party Mode and play the same track throughout every speaker in your home. 

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The OMNI+ products support instant streaming from over hundreds of streaming services and music apps
through Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect or the integrated streaming services.


Add a pair of Omni 10+ or 20+ speakers to the Omni Bar+ to create your private 5.1 home theater system for your movies, music and games.

Built to fit every room

No matter how many rooms you have, OMNI+ has a solution for you.

  • TV Room
  • Apartment
  • Small Home
  • Large Home
  • Patio
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Surround Sound Collection

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OMNI 10+

Elegantly designed for crystal-clear quality
in smaller rooms with the touch of a button.

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Omni 20+

A more powerful speaker for superior sound
and performance in larger rooms.

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Omni 50+

Portable and weatherproof to keep
the music going indoors and outdoors.

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Sleek and powerful, delivering full
theatre sound experience.

Coming Soon

Already have speakers? Use the ADAPT+ to transform your existing system into a wireless one and stream your music in HD quality with the touch of a button.

Coming Soon

Getting started is as easy as...

  • Setup
  • Additional Instructions
  • Support
  • Plug in to
    power up speaker

  • Download the
    Harman Kardon Controller App

  • Follow instructions in app

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